IYF.or.id – Bila tertarik melanjutkan studi program Master dan PhD di Timur Tengah, King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM). KFUPM memberikan penawaran untuk program ini dengan bahasa pengantar bahasa Inggris, tanpa keharusan mempunyai kemampuan bahasa Arab.

How to slap Cisco, compared to its exam is still very 70-411 Free pdf reasonable, want to 骂 Cisco friends, you can. The world’s largest Linux is Online Exam Red Hat Linux, and Red Flag Linux is the first brand of Chinese Linux. CCIE Security. A friend called his jewel in the crown of security. This friend 70-410 Exam was CISSP 2 years ago and has now passed the CCIE Security written test and is impacting Lab. May he succeed as soon as possible and take off this bright pearl. Many of the former, each manufacturer is pushing their own certification, Cisco, CheckPoint. H3C certification is similar Exam 100% Pass Rate to Cisco certification. It belongs to network hardware certification training, including H3CNE, H3CSE, H3CTE, H3CIE, etc. In fact, his predecessor was Huawei’s HCNE and HCSE (the reason for the change involves the merger of Huawei and 3COM). H3C certification belongs to HP. PMP: Project Management Professional Certification. The domestic MCITP training institutions must be authorized by Microsoft (professional term called CPLS), a relatively good training institution, Beijing has Zhongda Jinqiao, Tests Guangzhou has Jiawei, and Shanghai has Nanyang. It takes $200 to take a Cisco computer exam and $1,000 for a test. The cost of training courses varies from person to person. If you are self-study, you may only need $1,420. If you need a lot of classroom instruction, the cost may rise to around $4,100-$6,300. The total cost of certification is expected to be around $6,000-$8,000. For those who are certified by Cisco certification, the basic average return is 10%-20% of wages, as well as more company training opportunities and satisfactory positions. Exam: The difficulty of CCSP exam is still relatively large. I participated in the 3.0 version of the exam, and I have already added Flash-based hands-on questions to each exam. The theoretical content is also very detailed, and the scope of the exam is wide. It took me 3 months. Time, because there is no textbook, read the Document on the Cisco website. Of course, there are more reference books now, and it won’t be so hard, but the difficulty of the exam is not low. Passing the exam and truly having practical experience is very valuable to the individual. Take myself as an example. I am 640-878 High Exam Pass Rate currently working at Cisco Gold. I am mainly responsible for technical support in network security. The company has N CCIEs (I am not), but this part of security can only be taken care of. Since the year was 啃Document, the energy spent gave me a big reward. Network Security IT Certification Exam Guide – Genesis – 51CTO Technology Blog – Leading IT Technology Blog. The advantage of the ACTC training is to achieve the professional level of graphic production software, web design, digital video use; after passing the test, the company has obtained the qualification of the certified designer of the Austrian Adobe magazine and has the qualification to practice. PMP: Project Management Professional Certification. CCSP. Cisco Certified Security Professional. Intermediate certification for Cisco’s security aspects. CCSP and its brother certification, familiar CCNP, CCDP, CCIP and the latest CCVP, are all Professional level, if you master the essence of the exam knowledge, it is very helpful for the work. Like CCSP, it is provided by Cisco vendors. The content is mainly for its network security products, router security, PIX firewall, VPN 3000, intrusion detection (IDS) and security implementation. There are five courses, which need to be done on the basis of CCNA. A five-door exam can get a CCSP certificate. At the same time, after the first Online Shop Secur, after each exam, you will get a special certificate, such as PIX, PIX expert, VPN, VPN expert, IDS, IDS expert, until SAFE is tested. The fifth door), obtaining the CCSP certificate, this multi-certificate method is a good way to motivate yourself (not to rule out Cisco fishing suspects, huh, huh). The CCSP exam is rich in content, and the product knowledge and general knowledge ratio are appropriate. It is difficult to study the exam. If you have worked on the Cisco network and want to increase the security technology, CCSP is a good Cert Guide choice. Exam: There is nothing too much to gain, a certificate VCE Exam Simulator, VCE to PDF, A+ VCE with a low gold content, but it is a good start. IT professional technology certification is a “knock-knock” to enter the IT industry. A professional Dumps certificate issued by an internationally renowned IT company proves that you have some kind of professional IT skills that are internationally recognized and universal. These internationally renowned IT companies are: Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Certification Dumps Sun, Novell, etc. As far as Microsoft is concerned, its globally implemented certificates include Microsoft Network Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Development Specialist (MCSD), and Microsoft Database Expert (MCDBA). Among them, MCSE is widely recognized by the global industry. Computer network experts, the gold content of an MCSE certificate is no less than the gold content of an undergraduate diploma. The “Cisco” certification issued by the famous American computer company Cisco (Cisco) has also attracted hundreds of thousands of senior technical talents in the computer industry. CISSP. The Certified Information System Security Professional exam, hosted by ISC2, is a non-vendor security certification. The exam covers a wide range of topics covering the top ten areas of security, while general security experts have only one or a few of them with extensive experience. CISSP’s knowledge requirements are one mile wide, but just one inch deep. (A mile wide, but only one inch deep), it is obvious that the examinee is safe and comprehensive, not technical. In fact, as a Sale On Online security expert, the first thing to think about is the comprehensive thinking method and the scientific concept, and then the angle of this thinking method CISSP is very high. This certification has high requirements for candidates’ work experience, etc. It is not suitable for safe beginners. It is recommended that friends have time to read CISSP All in One, which will have a renewed understanding of safety. PMP: Project Management Professional Certification. CCIE Security and CISSP should be considered a level and difficult. Between these two. CEH: ethical hacker (decent hacker) certification. Nokia, RSA, etc. Now network security is very hot, and there are Online Training many security certifications for various manufacturers or non-vendors. Many friends may not be able to distinguish which one is more suitable for themselves when they choose their own test path. I will share with you my own experience and hope to have Help, at Self Study the same time, pdf free download 2017 I hope more friends will add and communicate with each other.

KFUPM merupakan universitas peringkat pertama di kawasan Arab versi QS World University Rankings 2019.

Saat ini KFUPM menawarkan 30 program Magister dan 10 program Doktor dalam berbagai disiplin ilmu serta program interdisipliner.

Program ini memberikan kesempatan para penerima beasiswa menjadi Asisten Penelitian dan Dosen-B dengan komposisi waktu beasiswa 50 persen untuk mendukung kegiatan pengajaran dan penelitian universitas dan 50 persen lainnya dikhususkan untuk program pascasarjana masing-masing. 

Cakupan beasiswa beasiswa yang akan diterima meliputi:

  1. Gratis biaya kuliah
  2. Tunjangan bulanan untuk menutup biaya hidup
  3. Tempat tinggal (AC)
  4. Tunjangan kesehatan
  5. Buku teks gratis
  6. Makanan bersubsidi di kafetaria Universitas
  7. Kesempatan berpartisipasi dalam penelitian dan penulisan buku
  8. Pembiayaan proyek/penelitian
  9. Tiket pesawat berangkat dan kembali ke tanah air.

Terkait persyaratan umum yang harus kalian siapkan sebagai berikut:

  1. Lulus program sarjana S1 atau D4 yang diakui dengan jurusan di bidang sesuai untuk memasuki program setudi yang dipilih.
  2. Indeks Prestasi Kumulatif (IPK) 3,00 atau lebih tinggi pada skala 4,00 atau setara, dan IPK 3,00 untuk subjek bidang utama.

Kemudian kelengkapan dokumen yang harus kalian persiapkan seperti:

  1. Scan paspor.
  2. Scan ijazah dan transkrip nilai resmi.
  3. Surat Rekomendasi dari 3 pemberi referensi akademik yang harus disubmit melalui sistem rekomendasi daring.
  4. Halaman esai mengenai tujuan penelitian dan karir di KFUPM
  5. Pasfoto berwarna ukuran paspor (ukuran 4×6cm, latar warna putih)
  6. Curriculum Vitae (CV) berisi penjelasan singkat mengenai pendidikan dan pengalaman kerja
  7. Hasil tes GMAT (wajib untuk pelamar program MBA)

Seluruh dokumen telah diterjemahkan dari penerjemah tersumpah dalam bahasa Inggris termasuk ijazah dan transkrip nilai. Seluruh dokumen diunduh dalam format PDF dengan ukuran kapasitas masing-masing dokumen maksimal 2Mb.

Batas waktu pendaftaran online untuk semester musim gugur sebelum 12 Februari 2020 dengan batas waktu penyerahan surat rekomendasi tanggal 19 Februari 2020.  Aplikasi pendaftaran online, daftar lengkap program studi dan kelengkapan informasi lain yang dibutuhkan dapat diakses melalui tautan ini: http://www.kfupm.edu.sa/deanships/dgs/SitePages/en/Master-and-PhD-Programs.aspx

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